Star Dash City Game – Star Wars-Themed Thursday Game Evening Ticket – Celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Star Wars


Gibraltar International Comic Con 2017 Limited Number Thursday Game Evening Ticket (Thursday the 4th of May)

GICC 2017 brings you the opportunity to play a clever high-energy scavenger hunt crossed with hide-and-seek, played in many cities around the world.

Work together to uncover secrets, crack cryptic clues, and outwit those who will try and stop you from succeeding – run, sneak, scheme and succeed whilst having fun.

This ticket is for entry and participation on Thursday the 4th of May 2017 to the Game evening only.

This ticket is only available online.




Tickets and for the event are non-refundable and non-transferable and cannot be reproduced, resold or upgraded. The unauthorised resale or attempted resale is prohibited and will constitute a forfeiture of the ticket without compensation. Each ticket must be used by the same person, i.e the attendee for each day of the event. The event’s operating hours, schedules, guests and speakers are subject to change or cancellation without notice, however information will be available on our website should there be any changes and/or cancellations. All panels, autographing, photo ops, special events, show features and performances are subject to availability and access is not guaranteed and/or may require an additional fee. The Event organiser’s are not responsible for lost or stolen tickets. The attendee acknowledges there are hazards and risks of physical injury or illness to attendees of the event and that not all such hazards or risks can be fully eliminated. By accepting this and attending the event, the attendee freely and voluntarily agrees to assume the full risk as described above, which the attendee may sustain as a result of attending the event, whether or not caused by the negligence or gross negligence of the event organiser’s.


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